Window Film Makes a Luxury Home Even More Comfortable


A trio of 18-foot tall windows provides a dramatic focal point in the formal living room of a North Carolina couple’s dream home. But those same windows also posed a problem from the first day the couple moved in.

“The biggest problem was that the western sun coming into the room through those windows was just so hot,” the homeowner recalls. “From early afternoon ‘til sunset, the room was hot, the walls were hot, and we knew we were going to have to do something. We also had to protect the furniture.”


She contacted Sun Protection of Cary, NC. “They told me about EnerLogic® film and brought a sample over, along with another film. We put them both up on the window, and you could see and feel the difference even with just the samples. It was almost like EnerLogic film actually stopped the heat: it was cool to the touch and there was no heat on the wall.”

The homeowner was experiencing firsthand the solar control power of EnerLogic window film with its patent-pending low-emissivity (or low-e) coating. During summer, the low-e coating helps save on cooling costs by blocking solar heat and reducing heat radiating into the home’s interior through warmed window glass. During winter, the coating reduces heating costs by reflecting 92% of the room’s radiant warmth back into the home.


While most window films offer summer-only savings, EnerLogic film’s low-emissivity coating will increase energy efficiency for this mid-Atlantic residence all year long.

EnerLogic film also helps achieve the homeowner’s goal of protecting her fine furnishings by blocking 99% of the sun’s damaging UV rays. To top it off, the homeowner notes that EnerLogic film even enhances the view. “The room is visibly better,” she says. “The view outside even looks crisper and clearer. It’s just beautiful. And with the savings on the furniture and heat, it’s already paid for itself – there’s no doubt in my mind.”